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Successful weekend for Raeda Sports athletes Giuliana Salvini Morgen and Antonio Djakovic

Giuliana Salvini Morgen

Giuliana Salvini Morgen "GiuGiu" showed outstanding results at the Mountain Bike World Series in Mairiporà, Brazil. With a 4th place in the short track and a 7th place in the cross country race, the 21-year-old Brazilian established herself among the top 10 U23 mountain bikers in the world. Next weekend, GiuGiu will have another opportunity to show her skills at the 2nd home race in Araxa.

Antonio Djakovic

Antonio Djakovic swam two new Swiss records in the 25m pool in one race at the Swiss Club Championships in Sursee.

In the 1,500 m freestyle race, he improved the Swiss record by more than 3 seconds to 14:56:63. The time over 800 m was also measured in this race and he also improved the record to 7:55:86.

Since the 800m time in a 1,500m race is recognized as an official record, Antonio swam two new Swiss records in one race.


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