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Where passion meets expertise!

Empowering young athletes on their journey to greatness!

Raeda Sports


We offer services in the areas of sports management, care and support for athletes, sports associations or clubs. We also take on project work and organize conferences and workshops.

We connect with our business network business partner thanks to our large network in Switzerland.

Raeda Sports


Our activities cover the entire sports sector. The focus is on the International Tennis Workshop, which we will be held in cooperation with Swiss Indoors from October 28th to 29th, October 2023 during the final weekend of the tournament. In addition, we will support young, talented athletes with part of the income and advise them.

Raeda Sports


In addition to our own brand "Coach the Coaches", which has a membership area for coaches, we work as managers, consultants and project managers for individual athletes, associations or clubs; among others for Antonio Djakovic, swimmer; Giulia Steingruber, former gymnast; the Schweizer Sporthilfe


Raeda Sports GmbH was founded in March 2023 by two friends, Kai Gerber and Beat Weidmann. Both were involved in elite sport, when they were young. Kai as a tennis player and Beat as an athlete. Today, Kai trains talented and ambitious tennis kids at his tennis school in Münchenstein. Beat was responsible for marketing and sponsorship in a bank for over 30 years. The combination of these two know-hows and the passion for the sport characterize Reada Sports.

To give young and talented athletes additional support, part of the income goes to them to give them financial support in addition to advisor support.


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