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Coach the Coaches

With the brand Coach the Coaches, Raeda Sports organizes conferences, workshops and live streams from various sports areas.

In October, Raeda Sports, in cooperation with Swiss Indoors Basel, organizes a tennis workshop aimed at coaches, supervisors and parents of tennis kids, as well as the conference "Business meets Sport" with personalities from business and athletes.

Antonio Djakovic, Swiss Professional Swimmer

Antonio Djakovic

Antonio Djakovic was born on October 8th, 2002 and lives in Uster. He grew up in Münchwilen TG. At the sports office in Uster, he completed the sports KV apprenticeship, which he successfully completed this year.

Antonio is the newest star in the Swiss swimming sky and is the first Swiss to win two individual medals at a European Championships, at the age of 19 in the 200m and 400m freestyle at the 2022 European Championships in Rome.

Raeda Sports has taken over all management work for Antonio.

Antonio Djakovic (

Giulia Steingruber, former Gymnast and Influencer

Movement concept by Giulia Steingruber

The movement is particularly neglected in children. Raeda Sports wants to counter that. We want to inspire them with lots of fun and exercise.  An additional focus is also placed on children with a migration background. A day spent by former top athletes Giulia Steingruber can be motivating and inspiring and is intended to give an initial insight into the world of gymnastics. A souvenir should remind us of our day together for a long time.

The movement concepts are carried out by Raeda Sports in cooperation with sponsors and with the help of municipalities, cities and/or various special education schools and foundations.


Nora Rezzonico, Swiss Tennis Player

Advice and support
Nora Rezzonico

Nora has one dream and one goal - to become as good a tennis player as Belinda Bencic and place herself in the top 10 in the world.

Nora Rezzonico is only 14 years old. She started playing tennis at the age of 4 and was accepted into the Swiss Tennis junior squad this year. Since this year she has been playing in international ITF tournaments at junior level for the first time.

The start of a tennis career requires a lot of training, diligence and perseverance from Nora. It requires a lot of time and money from the parents. Therefore, professional support from Raeda Sports is appropriate from now on.

A Supports Club was introduced for Nora, for people who would like to accompany Nora on her way to her tennis goals and her tennis dream. Help with Raeda Sports to make Nora's dream come true.

Swiss tennis | Nora Rezzonico tennis player

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