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Nora Rezzonico

22. September 2008


Nora has a dream and a goal - to become as good as Belinda Bencic as a tennis player and to play her way into the top 10 in the world.

Nora is only 15 years young. She started playing tennis at the age of 4 and was included in the Swiss Tennis junior squad this year. Since this year, she has been playing in international ITF tournaments at junior level for the first time.

The start of a tennis career requires a lot of training, diligence and perseverance from Nora. It requires a lot of time and a high financial outlay from the parents. Therefore, professional support from Raeda Sports is already appropriate from now on.

A Supports Club has been introduced for Nora, for people who would like to accompany Nora on her way to her tennis goals and her tennis dream. Help with Raeda Sports to make Nora's dream come true.

Nora Rezzonico

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